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I report all solicitation of prostitution to SAPD. I do NOT perform any sexual acts, so don't even bother asking or you WILL be reported.
Welcome to Celestial Waves Therapies, by Jill Scoggins. I am very happy that you have visited my site.

I am a sole practitioner, TX LMT044020.

I offer many services. The most known are massage therapy, manual lymphatic drainage therapy, and Asian bodywork (including cupping). I am also a Reiki Master, Numerologist, and Crystal Healer. However, I have also been formally trained and certified in Life Coaching, hypnosis, and NLP. I encourage you to visit the various pages to learn more about each service offered.

I do many of the services over the internet. Namely: Life Coaching, hypnosis, NLP, Numerology, and Reiki. I have earned my Reiki Master title, Master NLP Practitioner, Crystology,  and certifications in the hypnosis and life coaching as well. Thus, I don't necessarily have to meet you face to face.

 My professional massage therapy technique is mainly deep tissue. However, the best way to describe it is integrated.

 I have worked on several athletes. While I was living in Montana I had a contract with the Wellness Department at the University of Montana-Western. Through this I have seen many sports injuries and have developed a good technique for working with athletes and non-athletes during maintenance and recovery from injury.

I am available for chair massage at functions. Contact me for more details.

I have taken coursework in nutrition, kinesiology, weight training, physical fitness training, hypnosis, massage, anatomy & physiology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), crisis management, and several business courses. Working in massage I have helped several people in areas other than pain management and have clients (prior to becoming a Life Coach) who would come for life style changes and restructuring more than they would come for massage. This is why I have taken so many other courses. I want to be there for my clients in the capacity that I am needed to help them reach their goals and become empowered.
I have a small service dog in the room with me all the time. Please be aware of this. He stays in a dog bed during the session and rarely makes any noise. He has hair not fur and has a low allergen due to this and the measures I take to reduce dander. He is an Italian Greyhound named Sherlock.
Being a massage therapist has afforded me the opportunity to work with so many fantastic people. I have met some amazing people young, old, rich, poor, famous, intelligent, giving, athletic, and just downright interesting. I really am grateful to everyone I have met along the way from this country and others.
I do not carry cash.

I will let you know that the durations are estimates and you are not charged at the time you schedule. There are times when I will change the amount charged, but that is discussed prior to the session and generally it is because I feel the service you are asking for will take more time than you have scheduled or I feel that you are asking for less than the amount to be charged and thus it will be a lesser charge. So, the schedule listed of services and charges are just estimates as are the durations listed.
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