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I report all solicitation of prostitution to SAPD. I do NOT perform any sexual acts, so don't even bother asking or you WILL be reported.
I have a small service dog in the room with me all the time. Please be aware of this. He stays in a dog bed during the session and rarely makes any noise. He has hair not fur and has a low allergen due to this and the measures I take to reduce dander. He is an Italian Greyhound named Sherlock.
I do not carry cash.

I will let you know that the durations are estimates and you are not charged at the time you schedule. There are times when I will change the amount charged, but that is discussed prior to the session and generally it is because I feel the service you are asking for will take more time than you have scheduled or I feel that you are asking for less than the amount to be charged and thus it will be a lesser charge. So, the schedule listed of services and charges are just estimates as are the durations listed.
I have recieved my certification as a Hypnotist and a Master NLP Practitioner from Empowerment Quest International (my certificate is endorsed by Richard Bandler, one of the founding "fathers" of NLP).

I am able to do the NLP and Hypnosis over the net via Skype (I'm also looking into other methods), however I prefer to do this in person.

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. In very basic terms what we will be doing is teaching you to reprogram your self talk. Meaning you will start telling yourself that you are empowered, not what ever negative thing you are telling yourself. When you have a "juvenile" want for the food you know you "shouldn't" have you will have a tool to resist and even reach a point where that desire may not even exist except on very rare occassions. I use quotations because these are the words that we are told that are other forms of self-talk. We should indeed go by what society has told us is right or wrong while still finding a healthy, productive way to do it without all the negativity society has programmed into us; and with our own uniqueness.

I will work with you to develop goals and reach them. This may be smoking cessation in 1-5 sessions. Maybe weight loss. Or maybe even some past life regression.

Understand when I say past life regression that there are many definitions to this. It could be within your lifetime, or even a past generational memory that you have been taught; or even something completely different. If you come for past life regression we will define what that means for you and your needs.

Hypnosis is $40 for a 30 minutes
                     $80 for one hour
(times are estimates - the session may go slightly under or slightly under depending on your response. Times include the pre-talk and post-talk as this is actually a part of the hypnosis process)

This can be done via Skype or at the Integrative Healing Institute.

If you are using the hypnosis for habit changing or weight loss, you will need to schedule a Holist Coaching session for at least one hour.

 I do offer smoking cessation, but the cost is different than listed above. Smoking Cessation is a $250 program paid in full up front. The program will not be done at Integrative Healing Institute. We will discuss via the phone the program in detail. This cost will cover the initial session and two more over a six month period. The additional sessions are bonus follow-up sessions. The cost of $250 is for the initial session. However, I will include two free follow-up sessions that must be used within six months. If they are not used during that six month period the offer for those bonus sessions will have expired. There are no refunds available for any sessions.


Hypno-massage combines massage and the benefits of massage.  First we discuss the goals. Then we will proceed to do 30 minutes of warm-up massage. Next, while continuing the massage I will begin the guided imagery (hypnosis). The hypnosis will be ended or lightened when flipping over onto your back. Meaning you will be in a deep hypnotic state during the prone (face down) portion of the massage and in a lighter state of hypnosis in the supine (face up) portion. When the massage is over you will be gently lifted out of hypnosis to a fully awake state. I ask that you remain in the facility for at least 10 minutes post session in order to become more grounded; as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle immediately could be dangerous.

Hypno-Massage is $90 for one hour and $130 for 1 1/2 hour at Integrative Healing Institute.

Out-call service is $110 for one hour and $150 for 1 1/2 hour with the same guidelines as listed above in travel.

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