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I report all solicitation of prostitution to SAPD. I do NOT perform any sexual acts, so don't even bother asking or you WILL be reported.
I have a small service dog in the room with me all the time. Please be aware of this. He stays in a dog bed during the session and rarely makes any noise. He has hair not fur and has a low allergen due to this and the measures I take to reduce dander. He is an Italian Greyhound named Sherlock.
I do not carry cash.

I will let you know that the durations are estimates and you are not charged at the time you schedule. There are times when I will change the amount charged, but that is discussed prior to the session and generally it is because I feel the service you are asking for will take more time than you have scheduled or I feel that you are asking for less than the amount to be charged and thus it will be a lesser charge. So, the schedule listed of services and charges are just estimates as are the durations listed.
My approach to life coaching is very similar to others. I use goal setting, empowerment, hypnosis, and NLP (and peer counseling).

We will work together to develop your goals to make sure they are reasonable and attainable and set the timelines. From there we will decide what techniques would best suit your needs. It may be that you need to work on a past dilemma or trauma. You may need to restructure your life style or just your day. We will work with the proverbial baby steps on some things on other we will take giant leaps. Giant leaps are necessary, at times; I mean, heck - why stay afraid of something, let's get you away from that and conquer it!

I will do most sessions through Skype unless you live here in San Antonio (these can be done at your location). During our first session we will discuss what you need and how often we should meet. I will be that person you need to be accountable to for your goals. At first we may meet a few times a week and slowly go to once a week then twice a month. It really depends on your needs. There are some programs that will need to meet a few times a week for several months. One of these is weight loss.

Weight loss is a need many have. This is a 7 to 9 month commitment. I will ask that you first meet with a doctor to decide how healthy you are for exercise and write out how intense your exercise should be. I do mean write out. This will be faxed to me. I will ask that you meet with a nutritionist to give you a guideline of what foods you will be eating and I will ask that to be faxed to me as well. You may be asked to work with a physical therapist by your doctor, please fax this to me as well. It would also be a fantastic idea to work with an allergist right off to discover if you are allergic to any foods. I have taken courses in nutrition, weight training, kineseology, and fitness training, so I will be able to assist with these aspects, but I will always default to specialists - I'm not a doctor.

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