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There are several types of massage and several different benefits of massage therapy.  The main benefit, which most people know about, is stress relief. Massage is a great way of relieving fatigued muscles. This is done by assisting the body in emptying and refilling veins through increased circulation. This increase in circulation brings more oxygen to the muscles and thus relieving the fatigue. Massage also increases cellular nutrition and decreases tissue congestion. By doing so, toxins are removed from the body. Muscles experience better tone. And massage assists in the breaking up of adhesions and hyper-tonic knots (AMTT, 2002). This helps in the healing process of muscles injured during sports or other injuries such as whiplash.

Swedish Massage     Swedish Massage consists of superficial hand strokes throughout the body. Work is performed toward the heart to aid in the circulation of blood and lymph fluid. This type of massage has been determined through research to reduce stress, alleviate pain, increase attentiveness, assist in overcoming addictions, diminish premenstrual symptoms, reduce the number of headache days in migraine headaches, lower blood pressure and to increase job performance just to name a few. After a session, you will feel relaxed and renewed.

Deep Tissue Massage    Deep Tissue Massage consists of deeper work on specific muscles and groups of muscles to reduce tension that sometimes leads to headaches, elevated shoulders and lower back pain and other discomforts and offset alignment in the body. During a session of Deep Tissue Massage, the areas of the body that either you inform me of or are found to be tight during palpation are warmed up using gentler strokes then slower and deeper strokes. This is also where Trigger Point Therapy is introduced (trigger points are areas that are commonly called knots, however they are are areas of tension that refer pain to other parts of the body) as well as stretching. This work is not performed to a high level of discomfort but to a level of what can be described of as sweet discomfort. Communication between you and I will be kept up so that the work is performed in such a way that you leave each session feeling deep relaxation and relief from the pain that can become almost normal to experience in your every day life. I am here for you. This is not my massage. I will not be offended if you tell me I am causing you pain and you need less pressure. Please keep me informed of what is happening. I am only able to feel the resistance of the muscles and judge by that. I am unable to feel what you are "being told" by your nerves.

Myofascial Release     Myofascial release consists of very slow strokes to the fascia throughout the body. Fascia is the glue that keeps our bodies together. It connects the skin to the muscles, the muscles to the tendons and the tendons to the bones. Fascia is the most abundant tissue in the body. When fascia becomes tight in certain areas of the body, you may notice very limited movement in the skin or what can sometimes be construed as tightness in the muscles. In addition, due to tightness to the fascia, bones or joints may even move out of alignment causing tension around nerves and may even cause you to move with limitations. During a Myofascial Release session you will experience a feeling of release to those tight areas. Occasionally you may feel a gentle pulling sensation inches or even feet away from where the work is being performed. You will leave the session feeling more relaxed and with more freedom in the movement of your body.

Integrated Soft Tissue Therapy (ISTT) Combines all of these techniques, plus Trigger Point Therapy and Asian Bodywork,  and this is what I practice most often on those who have areas of pain, stress and past injury.

All Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, ISTT) by Jill is $70 per hour at Integrative Healing Institute. Massages done at Integrative Healing Institute may include (depending on individual treatment plan) cupping therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy (hot towels), or Cold Stone Massage.

Half Hour = $45
One Hour = $70
One and a Half Hour = $110
Two Hour = $140

If you need an out-call massage, please text me at 210-870-9011. My availability is limited. Out-calls start at $90 per hour for those within a 30 minute drive of 1604 and Braun Rd. There will be an additional charge of $5 per 5 minutes (no more than 1 hour drive) outside of the 30 minute radius. 

Out-calls will not include Cold Stone Massage, Hydrotherapy (hot towels), or Cupping Therapy.

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Hypno-massage combines massage and the benefits of massage.  First we discuss the goals. Then we will proceed to do 30 minutes of warm-up massage. Next, while continuing the massage I will begin the guided imagery (hypnosis). The hypnosis will be ended or lightened when flipping over onto your back. Meaning you will be in a deep hypnotic state during the prone (face down) portion of the massage and in a lighter state of hypnosis in the supine (face up) portion. When the massage is over you will be gently lifted out of hypnosis to a fully awake state. I ask that you remain in the facility for at least 10 minutes post session in order to become more grounded; as getting behind the wheel of a vehicle immediately could be dangerous.

Hypno-Massage is $90 for one hour and $130 for 1 1/2 hour at Integrative Healing Institute.

Out-call service is $110 for one hour and $150 for 1 1/2 hour with the same guidelines as listed above in travel.
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