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Massage is done at Integrative Healing Institute or your location.

Professional massage times are in effect. Meaning a one hour treatment is 50 minutes; one and a half hour treatments are 80 minutes; etc.)
     Most services are available at Integrative Healing Institute (unless otherwise indicated). There are additional services offered at Integrative Healing Institute that are not listed here. 
     You may call 210-967-4400 or text me at 210-802-8933 to make an appointment or schedule online.
     Prices, policies, and offers listed here may differ from those listed with Integrative Healing Institute; please check the Integrative Healing Institute website for current prices, policies, and offers.
30 Minute Massage                  $45                Out-call service not available
45 Minute Massage                  $57                Out-call service not available
One Hour Massage                  $70                Out-call service     $90
One & a Half Hour Massage   $110              Out-call service    $130
Two Hour Massage                 $140               Out-call service     $160

Every massage treatment plan is individualized and may include Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish, or ISTT massage; Critz Technique; Asian Bodywork; Cupping Therapy; Aromatherapy; Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy; or Hydrotherapy (hot towels or cold stone massage).

Hypno-Massage TM              
One Hour Hypno-Massage                  $90            
One & a Half Hour Hypno-Massage   $130

Corporate Chair Massage   $60 per hour (pluse travel fee and any parking fee incurred at site)
All corporate chair massage must be scheduled in advance by ten days and requires a 50% non-refundable down-payment with the remainder due within 3 days of services rendered

There is a minimum of one hour required. There is a $20 travel fee; this includes travel, setup, and break down.

Work area must be a minmum of 8 foot by 6 foot.

Energy Healing
Half Hour Reflexology                 $30               Add-on to Out-call service $45
One Hour Reflexology                 $60               Out-call Service $90
One & a Half Hour Reflexology  $90                Out-call Service $120

Aromatherapy/ Raindrop Technique

Utilizing Young Living Essential Oils

One Hour Raindrop Technique          $76                      Out-Call Service   $100
Energy Healing Sessions include Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Crystals. You may also receive Reiki long distance. Reiki and Crystal Healing are available separately.
Crystals are not available on out-call services.
One Hour Energy Healing     $60      Out-Call Service    $80

Half Hour Reiki              $30             Out-Call Service $70             Long Distance    $40
One Hour Reiki              $60             Out-Call Service $80             Long Distance    $70

Half Hour Chakra Balance   $30        Out-Call Service  $70            Long Distance    $40
One Hour Chakra Balance   $60        Out-Call Service  $80            Long Distance    $70

Half Hour Crystal Healing    $30        Out-Call Service Unavailable
One Hour Crystal Healing    $60        Out-Call Service Unavailable
Holistic Life Coaching & Hypnosis
Each treatment plan is individualized.  Plans may include hypnosis, goal setting, neuro-linguistic programming, homework, oils, empowerment, and more. There may also be referrals to counseling, nutritionists, massage, energy work, physicians, and more. The initial session will take longer as the plan will be established in the first session.

Times are only estimates. The session may run slightly longer or shorter than listed. Times also include pre-talk and post-talk.
     Half Hour Hypnosis           $30               Out-Call Service Unavailable        Skype    $30
     One Hour Hypnosis           $60               Out-Call Service    $80                  Skype    $60

Group Hypnosis  (relaxation/empowerment not "stage" or comedy hypnosis)
      Half Hour Hypnosis                           Out-Call Service First Ten People $100 per additional 10 $20
      One Hour Hypnosis                           Out-Call Service First Ten People $150 per additional 10 $35    
      Group Hypnosis must pay 50% down non-refundable ten days prior. Additional amount is due within 3 days after service is rendered.            

Holistic Life Coaching

Initial Coaching One & Half Hour        $120      Out-Call Service    $140       Skype    $120
Half Hour Coaching                              $40        Out-Call Service    $60         Skype    $40
One Hour Coaching                              $80         Out-Call Service   $100        Skype   $80
15 Minute Empowerment                    Not available at IHI or Out-Call          Skype, E-Mail, or Phone $30

Smoking Cessation
              Not available at Integrative Healing Institute

Intitial Session  (~90 minutes)   Celestial Waves Therapies $250      Out-Call Service  $270    Skype  $250
      Two Bonus Sessions  Free (done via Skype - must be completed within 6 months of initial session or free offer expires)

Weight Loss
        Please seek a physician's care before starting any weight loss program. You will be asked to see an nutritionist prior to first visit, please bring plan with you or email it to Me.  Upon making appointment you will be emailed forms, please email them or bring them with you.

Initial Session (~90 Minutes)   Celestial Waves Therapies  $150     Out-Call Service  $170   Skype $150
Weekly Cost (
includes homework, coaching, accountability, and may include hypnosis. ~60 minutes)
                           Celestial Waves Therapies  $100         Out-Call Service  $120       Skype $100
Additional sessions during the week can be scheduled using the prices listed above.

Any additional fees for parking will be paid by client at time of service.
This is not figured into the quoted prices below.

I do numerology by hand. There is not a computer program utilized. This insures that I am doing an individualized guide not one that is generic. This means that I give a lot of time to each guide. Each guide will take between one and three weeks, depending on which one you choose. There is a possibility that I will get it to you sooner. I just want to be transparent in the amount of time it may take.
Please contact me via text at 210-870-9011 to setup a Skype or Phone call to set the appointed time for the reading. Email your name at birth and date of birth (including year) with your order. I will then send you an invoice or you can send via paypal to jill@celestialwavestherpies.com.

All written guides may include a verbal reading if you choose at no additional cost.

Basic and Advanced Charts do not change from year to year. Thus, it is only necessary to purchase these once. However, the Year of Months or Year of Daily Charts do change and should be purchased annually.

Charts for newborns are wonderful gifts.

Basic Chart (includes: Basic information about personality, soul desires, and life karma)
    Verbal Reading          $100
     Written Reading        $200

Advanced Chart (Includes: Basic Chart and generalized guide from infancy into senior years)
     Verbal Reading          $200
     Written Reading         $350

Add-on to Advanced Chart (These can be purchased annually without additionally purchasing the advanced chart.)
     Year of Months Written Reading (includes generalized monthly guide for a specified year)   $100
      Year of Daily Written Reading
(includes generalized daily guide for specified year) $300

Jill Scoggins, LMT,  CLC, CHt, LMNLPP

TX LMT #044020


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